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"newcomer Annarosa Mudd, making a powerful impression"

TAPE: Film Review

The Hollywood Reporter, Frank Scheck

"Writer-director Deborah Kampmeier on the profound experience of telling her collaborator Annarosa Mudd's story in her new film, TAPE."

Take Your Shit and Turn It Into Gold 

Talkhouse, Deborah Kampmeier

"It's too big of an issue to hide from. I really want to be of service to people who are holding so much shame." 

A Promoter's Screen Tests Involved Sex On Camera, Lawsuits Charge

The New York Times, Michael Wilson and Melena Ryzik

“Tape” is one of the very first dramas of the #MeToo era to confront, head-on, what harassment looks like and how it really works. "

TAPE: Film Review

Variety, Owen Gleiberman

"Mudd’s choice to come out publicly about what happened to her is a courageous one, and it adds even more layers of poignance and meaning to what is already, on its own terms, a powerful and essential film."

TAPE: Review, Matt Fagerholm

"honest and haunting expression of women’s experience"

TAPE: Film Review

Film Inquiry, Jax Griffin

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